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    Praise for The Poker MBA

“I’ve really been loving The Poker MBA. It’s funny, well written, extremely instructive and even comically sexy. I can’t imagine how business folks wouldn’t find it useful and inspiring as well.”

James McManus, author of Positively Fifth Street.

“You can deal yourself a winning hand in business. The first card you deal yourself is to buy this book. The second card is to read it at least once. The third card is to get its principles under your skin. Now you’re on your way to a Royal Flush. The last part is the best. Just rake in your winnings. Try not to laugh out loud.”

Jon Spoelstra, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Marketing Outrageously

“The only difference between a boardroom and a poker table is the shape. In The Poker MBA, Dinkin and Gitomer illustrate that the same principles apply to the game of life and business as they do to the game of poker.”

Bobby Baldwin, CEO of Mirage Resorts and CEO/President of Bellagio, and World Series of Poker champion

“This is groundbreaking territory that’s being covered here. Dinkin and Gitomer have authored an indispenable crossover work which melds the two complex worlds into one, without ever sounding contrived or pretentious. This book is a sure-fire recipe for the accumulation of knowledge and wealth in a challenging world where everyone else is striving to get rich.”

Nolan Dalla, author of the forthcoming Stuey Ungar biography (Simon & Schuster, April 2005)


“I’m not surprised that someone wrote a book that parallels poker to business. I’m only surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. Be thankful that Dinkin and Gitomer took the time to write this book and aren’t sitting across from you at the poker table.”

Mike Caro, America’s Mad Genius and author of Caro’s Book of Tells

“Like a good poker strategy, The Poker MBA is deceptively intelligent, imaginative, and well-executed. It examines a central part of negotiating strategy that most professionals never get, but is the secret to success for both business and poker. Dinkin and Gitomer strike the perfect balance of being analytical, creative, and entertaining.”

Hal Kant, attorney for the Grateful Dead and winner of the World Series of Poker Pot-Limit Omaha tournament

“Greg Dinkin and Jeffrey Gitomer certainly understand poker as well as human nature. The Poker MBA is a must-read for anyone in business whose job it is to balance risk and reward.”

Lyle Berman, CEO of Lakes Gaming and winner of three World Series of Poker events

The Poker MBA is a winner in the truest sense of the word. Leave it to two poker players and businessmen to distill the decision-making formulas of game theory, branding, and risk management into simple business language. They show you specific strategies for building your business that optimize your chances for success. Never again will you gamble your profits away.”

Kevin Hogan, Author of Selling Yourself to Others and The Psychology of Persuasion

“This is a phenomenal book written by a master poker player and a master salesman–a royal flush for anyone who wants to maximize their potential and enhance their professional achievement. Read The Poker MBA to learn. Study it to grow. Refer to it often to ensure great success.”

Nido R. Qubein, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company, and author of How To Be A Great Communicator

“I get the connection even though I don’t even play poker–that’s why the book is so powerful. The authors may have set out to write a book that parallels poker to business, but what they actually created is the Bible of human nature.”

Ryan Hadlock, business analyst, semi-conductor industry