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    The Finance Doctor & Other Links

Greg’s first book is entitled The Finance Doctor: An 8-Step Prescription So You Can Stop Chasing Your Bills & Start Chasing Your Dreams. It’s a fun narrative that reads like a novel. Greg, who takes on the persona of Dr. Dink, teaches his patented 8-step prescription and provides exercises that will put you on the path to sound financial health.

To purchase The Finance Doctor, visit www.amazon.com.

Greg collaborated with World Series of Poker champion and living legend Amarillo Slim on his award-winning memoir, which was published by HarperCollins in 2003. Slim hustled Minnesota Fats in pool playing with a broom, Evel Knievel in golf using a hammer, and Bobby Riggs in ping-pong using a frying pan. Stories of his life as a road gambler and cardsharp will make you laugh and teach you how to use your wits. To learn more, visit www.thepokermba.com/amarilloslim.


The place to find Greg’s columns twice-monthly column in Card Player magazine.


This site will tell you if there’s a poker room near where you live or where you travel. Over 700 casino card rooms are listed.


Reviews of gambling books by Nick Christenson.